O4M-CMS The Best Mobile CMS!

Now also conveniently from on the road, the Web page edit with O4M-CMS v6.00


more than 70 Modules & Plug-ins

O4M-CMS makes it very easy

Slider Plug-ins, Blog Module, Forum Module, Shop Module, Gallery Module and more


Multiples Upload with O4m-CMS v6!

Multiple image upload via a selection (Computer, Cell Phone & Tablet)


O4M-CMS Responsive Webdesign!

Responsive Webdesign for optimal display on all devices.


O4M CMS System Highlights

We present: The new O4M-CMS System! So easy to create a custom website be. We make professional websites; easy to use with O4M-CMS.

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Responsive Webdesign (Back & Front)

Responsive Webdesign mit jQuery Mobile, HTML5 und CSS3. Moderne Webanwendungen müssen also eine Vielzahl an unterschiedlichen Betriebssystemen, Browsern, Auflösungen und Bildschirmgrößen unterstützen. Mit HTML5 können all diese Endgeräte mit optimierten Inhalten in nur einer Anwendung bedient werden.

  • 100% Mobile Annsicht.
  • 16 Module (z.B.: Gallery, Blog, Forum)
  • 44 Plugins (z.B.: Slider, Individuelle Html Plugins)
  • 10 Individuelle Andmin Dashboard Widgets
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Einfaches Benutzermanagement

Die übersichtliche Benutzerverwaltung macht es möglich, im Team effektiv mit mehreren Benutzern zu arbeiten und sich so die Aufgaben aufzuteilen. Sie können als Administrator beliebig viele Benutzer verwalten, welche dann Zugriff auf die Administration haben. Alle Benutzer können in verschiedene Benutzergruppen eingeteilt werden, um jedem Benutzer nur die Rechte zu gewähren, die dieser auch wirklich benötigt - ein klarer Sicherheitsvorteil.

  • Benutzergruppe: Super Admin
  • Benutzergruppe: Admin
  • Benutzergruppe: Benutzer
  • Benutzer Status: aktiv, inaktiv, gebannt und ausstehend
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  • 100% Nullam et quam sapien.
  • 128 Fusce ut tempus arcu
  • 10Gb Phasellus suscipit massa a luctus scelerisque
  • Free! Nunc commodo dui sit amet nibh ornare efficitur

O4M-CMS Version 6 once again offers many improvements

O4M-CMS provides new functional Multi-Domain & Multi-Page. The Multi-Domain & Multi-Page/client support allows you to manage multiple sites and domains by only one system. Dashboard Widgets, automatic update function, User Profil, New Administration surfaces, Modules with Apps, O4M-CMS HelpSystems, HTML5 Back & Front.

full multilingual websites
Login attempts until they are blocked
Multi-Domain & Multi-Page
automatic Updates

Core Benefits of O4M-CMS

With a CMS website you can manage your own content. We set them O4M-CMS content management system for you and develop your individual web design.

O4M-CMS Support

The O4M-CMS team will assist you in the planning and implementation of your web presence.

Modern web technologies

HTML5 and CSS3 are the future, as they are the standards that will shape the future Web.

Easy To Use

O4M-CMS HelpSystem tells them step-by-step instructions to help them get to know the system.


O4m-CMS is firmly committed to open and future-proof W3C standards.


O4M-CMS Demonstration

Admin Username: demo
Admin Password: demo1234

O4M-CMS Functions

Also multilingual websites are implemented with O4M-CMS without problems. Furthermore, the system is optimized by default almost completely barrier-free and a good findability in search engines - the ideal foundation for your success in network.

Easy customization

Direct and easy editing of content with O4M-CMS v6

24H O4M-CMS HelpSystems

HelpSystems is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year active.

O4M-CMS API Schnittstelle

O4M-CMS interface ensures secure data exchange between O4M-CMS main system.

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Live Update

Use the LiveUpdate function can O4M-CMS automatically or manually be brought up to date.

Multiple Upload

Multiple image upload via a selection (Computer, Cell Phone & Tablet Pc)

Automatic time-out

This function prevents O4M-CMS by an automatic timeout of the user account if the password has been entered, for example, more than 3 times wrong.


O4M-CMS Twitter News


Dezember 10, 2015 05:24
FREE PS4 PLUS CODES: Generate up too 365 days of free internet for the Playstation (Playstation Plus 365 Days) https://t.co/XaEz9yBsvV


April 12, 2015 06:54
Friseur Extreme Hair München v2 | O4M CMS -- Friseur Extreme Hair München vhttp://t.co/L3VlueXkz1z1 vi@o4m4m-cms


April 12, 2015 06:51
Gallerie Seite | O4M CMS -- O4M-CMS Gallery http://t.co/qwhjAJly9C via @o4m-cms


April 09, 2015 02:01
Unsere neue O4M-CMS V6 ist endlich fertig. Mehr functionen, besser und schneller. O4M-CMS v6 http://t.co/yqkMWe48yX


April 08, 2015 01:30
Unsere neue Website geht bald online!

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